Our daily routine is defined
by the latest technologies
At Innovattic we live and breathe our core principles: we drive collaboration, always maintain high quality standards, stimulate enjoyment and unlock full potential. This is our roadmap for delivering excellent services.
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The developers arena

Native app development

Our app coding is written to run on the specific operating system of the users’ device, so it works like it should: fast and intuitive.

Web development

Whether you need to build a custom web app from scratch or streamline existing front-end functionality, our possibilities are infinite. Server development, API’s and (mobile friendly) websites are all incorporated within our skills range!

Scale up backend development

Think big, start small. We have a lot of experience with scalability. We always aim for success, so scaling up capacity is something we count on...

Data security & Privacy

Privacy is a holy grail of our protocols. We highly respect privacy and ensure data encryption, EU servers and secure connections in everything our developers team creates.

Technology research

We keep ourselves up to date. We attend events, conferences and meetups about new technologies and releases organised by leading tech companies. In our bi-weekly ‘Tech Talk’ we discuss trends, market developments and our own cool ideas.

Tech consultancy

Most of our clients rely on us when it comes to technical knowledge and insights. We are happy to advise and guide any customer need towards the best solution.
We code native
App programming languages
Server programming languages
Connected with hardware
Using sensors and communicating with the hardware level is self-evident for us. It’s one of the things that enables us to develop high performing solutions.
Scrum method
We mostly use scrum method for our projects, because it highly involves our clients in the development process. Our scrum masters are amazing creators of synergy. A perfect way of ensuring that clients actually get what they aimed for, within budget!
Product Backlog
All desired features
Sprint Backlog
All addressed features defined for the set period of time.
Two weeks of development according defined features.
Potentially shippable product
After every set period of time an actual product is delivered.
Quality gatekeepers
Code review
All written code that our solutions are based on will be reviewed by a second developer.
Hockey App
Does our client know what it actual looks and feels like before going in store? Yes! We will create the opportunity for all our clients to test and review their app beforehand.
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Innovattic is a full service company based in the Netherlands.
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