Being patient-centric in a digitising world
We make reliable healthcare accessible. Technology creates the ability to change health and care. Imagine you could improve the patient journey, simplify recovery support and enrich self-help experiences. Well, you can.
eHealth: Optimising the patient journey
eHealth provides you with the tooling to support the daily practice of medicine and public health with mobile devices and online applications. Better aid for your patients thanks to smart digital solutions. We help you guide your patients in making mindful choices, with safe results, so they will achieve better health and improve quality of life.
Best practices



The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) was looking for a way to help improve communication between their patients and staff. This app anticipates on a patient’s need, in this case specifically in relation to catheters. It provides patients with scientifically validated information and gives them a channel for direct communication with their doctor.


  • Less aggravating circumstances for patients.
  • A seamless overview of needs for staff.

Facts & figures

  • Prototype phase
  • With this app we won the largest Hackaton in the Netherlands.



The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) wanted to address crucial needs of prediabetes patients. Enabling these patients to monitor the amount of fast carb they consume and giving them guidance on their food consumption, will help to prevent them from getting diabetes. This app provides them with scientifically validated feedback on how fast carbs will be digested and end up in their bloodstream as glucose.


  • Reduction of diabetes type 2 patients
  • Gaining in knowledge about data collection for eHealth purposes based on big data (analytics) and machine learning.

Facts & figures:

  • This is the first app developed for prediabetes and reducing the consumption of high glycemic products in the Netherlands.
  • Prototype phase

App the Doctor

CZ Direct

Your healthcare is important. Therefore you should be able to make arrangements when it’s convenient for you. That’s exactly what ‘App the Doctor’ enables you to do. Together with online health insurance company CZ Direct we developed a professional and secure portal you can discuss health related issues with licenced medical professionals. Want to make an appointment with your family doctor or need a repeat prescription for your medication? With App the Doctor you can!


  • Personal medical advice at one's fingertips
  • Flexible: healthcare at any time and place
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