Amjad: App development and user interaction

Software engineer Amjad Almasri has one great passion: developing mobile apps. Over to you, Amjad, to tell us a bit more about it.

Amjad Almasri photo

‘I am a software engineer, and that means when you finish your degree and start looking for work, you are overwhelmed with the many choices and opportunities in front of you, those vary between traditional opportunities like mobile and web development, or more specialized ones like Artificial intelligence or data science.


So I aimed to try out as much as I can to find out where I want to be. And that one day led me to try out Mobile development especially Android, and it was almost instantly that I felt like I found my passion. I enjoy creating apps that I know users will carry with them everywhere in their pockets, apps that can differ in capacitates and usages, like entertainment or utilities.

I liked the idea of users directly interacting with my work, and so I never looked again, because I kept my focus on Android development since then.


My ideal way of working is with a small team, where everyone can help each other grow, where ideas can flow back and forth, where opinions are appreciated and considered.


And that discussion and help, can lead to better products and make me enjoy my day to day work.’

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