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Ecosia, the search engine that turns searches into planted trees, has just planted its 100 millionth tree. Too good to be true? Ecosia doesn’t think so!

Ecosia plants trees using the ad revenue generated from the searches of its 15 million users. Each search thus contributes to one tree, planted at one of the 9,000 different planting locations.

Ecosia recently crossed the 100 million tree mark, barely two years after reaching its milestone of 30 million new trees - we’d say that’s coming along nicely! Collectively, the trees remove up to 30 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere when fully grown.

The organization has already restored approximately 35 thousand hectares of forest and contributed to the protection of biodiversity on all six inhabited continents.

For example, Ecosia planted three million trees in Brazil after last year's Amazon forest fires, and also campaigned for tree planting in Australia after the devastating bushfires in early 2020.

In Madagascar, the organization planted millions of trees to combat coastal erosion and protect the habitat of the endangered lemurs.

In Burkina Faso, Ecosia have planted more than 17 million in the fight against desertification, and in Uganda they collaborated with the Jane Goodall Institute, resulting in the planting of 600,000 trees in the habitats of endangered chimpanzees.

The search engine, founded in German, was founded in 2009 and today mainly reaches a young audience. According to a recent survey of 11,000 users, 80 percent are under the age of 29. The youth, literally and figuratively, are the future.

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