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The LUMC Care app is now available

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has released the LUMC Care app for Android and iOS devices. This allows patients to keep track of their health at home and pass information on to doctors.

Measurements, readings and symptoms can now be sent digitally in the app. LUMC first offered various different apps for this, which have now been merged into one easier, less complicated app: LUMC Care. There are also several new features, such as questionnaires.

Patients use the app together with the LUMC Box, alongside which digital measuring equipment is loaned to the patient. Data from, for example, a blood pressure monitor, scale or heart rate monitor can be registered in the app easily.

The measured values are automatically sent to the electronic patient file via the app. This consistent, regular monitoring should give doctors and patients more insight into their health situation.

In addition to this, patients can also record their symptoms and submit these for investigation in the app. More information can also be requested by doctors. The app can be used both on Android and iOS.

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