Even more innovation in healthcare and education

2020 was an eventful year - and for Innovattic too. Technology and healthcare are becoming increasingly important, and those are precisely the areas that Innovattic focuses on.

Lauwerens owner Innovattic

Highlight 2020: the Covid box

‘I thought the highlight of 2020 was that we developed a Covid box together with the LUMC,” enthuses Lauwerens Metz, CEO of Innovattic. ‘We worked together with LUMC on the front line of innovation around Covid. This was a very cool project because as a company we work a lot in healthcare apps, and were able to contribute in this way.'

Symptom-checking at home

‘The Covid box is an extension of the LUMC Care App, and has been specially developed for people who have been hospitalized with coronavirus and who need to recover at home in a controlled manner. A particular risk group, for example, are patients who also have a lung or heart condition in addition to corona. These patients can have their symptoms monitored without having to go to the hospital every time. The data automatically enters the Electronic Patient File via the app. If the data shows that there are deviations, this is immediately noticed by a digital assistant. This way they are helped even better and faster.'

Plans 2021: more innovation and coming together

‘The plans for 2021? With Innovattic I want to ensure even more innovation in healthcare and education. And I hope we can get back together. I miss my colleagues enormously.’

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