Held – Hartstichting

Each year 15.000 people suffer from a heart attack. That’s 300 people per week! The first 6 minutes after a heart attack are crucial, but first aid teams often struggle to get to a patient on time. Therefore the Hartstichting (Dutch Heart Foundation) aims to build a national network of trained individuals that can save the lives of many. Where better to start than with those who hold our future: young adolescents. ‘Held’ is a challenging game that helps students to acquire knowledge on how to resuscitate.

In the first stage of the project ‘Held’ was developed in cooperation with the Gamelab of TU Delft. In the second stage we were entrusted with the fine-tuning, optimisation and maintenance of the app. Also we developed an webportal for teachers, enabling them to properly manage the enrolment and training of their students.


•  The app makes it easy for schools to incorporate this in their curriculum
•  A fun way to learn serious stuff

Facts & Figures

•  Held was nominated for ‘Best Serious Game’ award at the Dutch Game Awards 2016.
•  Downloads for mobile or tablet: iTunes en Google Play
•  Downloads for desktop: Mac en Windows

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