The lifesaving wearable for diabetes

In 2020 there will be one million Dutch people who suffer from diabetes, from which 500.000 people with high cardiac risk and 120.000 who report hypo attacks (low blood sugar / hypoglycemia). As a result yearly 450 people – mostly under the age of 30 – will die from so called ‘dead in bed syndrome’, because they have a hypo attack while sleeping. Hyposense can save these lives.

Hyposense is a two-part solution. One is a wearable device that measures cold sweat through sensors and calculates risks through a sophisticated algorithm. The second is an app that monitors and warns the diabetes patient and his or her caretakers 15 minutes before a hypo attack will take place. This gives them the opportunity to quickly adjust the blood sugar level and prevent severe health issues. Hyposense is a joint initiative of LUMC, MEDrecord and Innovattic.

• Simple watch-like device to wear during the night
• Detects low blood glucose level 15 minutes before dangerous hypo attack
• Practical alarm app for children & parents

Facts & Figures
• Prototype phase
• Investors wanted

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