Stop Heling – Nationale Politie

Dutch law enforcement embracing digital: stop handling stolen goods

Handling stolen goods is a huge problem that was difficult to get a grip on. To stop people from selling and receiving stolen goods, we developed the app ‘Stop Heling’ in cooperation with the National Police force. It makes smart use of the stolen goods database that is maintained by the national police. Together we have enabled consumers to check out products they want to purchase. Simply by scanning serial or registration numbers with the camera of their mobile phone. The app right away checks the database for a possible match. Is the product listed as stolen? You directly receive a notification and are given the option to reach out to the police.


•  Prevent people from selling and accepting stolen goods
•  Lets you store serial numbers of your own stuff, in case something gets stolen and you need to notify the police or insurance

Facts & Figures
•  Over 35.000 users downloaded the app and scanned products
•  App search requests: more than 130.000
•  National campaign:

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