Toogethr Events

Because events work better when you travel together 

As a next step in their mobility quest after Toogethr for commuters, the ridesharing forerunner came up with a solution for large events, like festivals. We joined forces with planning & mobility specialist Calendar42 and design agency Gusmanson to create an unique event experience. This app takes away the hassle of carpooling; in the touch of a button event-goers get a match with other like-minded people.

The Toogethr Events app brings people together, prevents parking stress and boosts the festival experience with super practical privileges and fun incentives that can be earned.


• Ridesharing with event-goers within one button touch: easy & fun
• A great way to get more out of an event

Facts & figures

• Launched at North Sea Jazz Festival 2017
• Toogethr launches new app for unique sharing concept
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