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Collect architectural inspection data quickly, efficiently and completely digitally

Quattro Expertise ensures that construction and infrastructure projects are completed without claims for damages. They do this by, among other things, making architectural inspections in the houses of surrounding residents before a construction project starts. Sixteen years ago, digital architectural recordings like this were collected on a handheld computer. Six years later, handheld computers were exchanged for iPhones, creating the second generation of the recording app. Now it’s time for the third generation: an app designed to collect architectural inspection data quickly, efficiently and completely digitally. Quattro Expertise wanted to create it; it was our job to make that happen.

Man holding a phone and using the Quattro app

The challenge

Thanks to the architectural inspections and data collected by Quattro Expertise, everyone involved can make a fair comparison between the starting situation and any damage. The handling costs of a claim are on average €2,500, which everyone would rather avoid. However, the old recording app no longer met the expectations of the employees. It was slow, not particularly user-friendly, and was missing a few key functionalities. This is where we came in.

The solution

We developed the third generation of the recording app in collaboration with Quattro Expertise and the employees who would be using the app. Our major improvement is that the app has become much faster, and information is exchanged with the server at a much faster speed. This means that Quattro Expertise can carry out their work much more efficiently. The app now not only has a recording function, but also an overview of all appointments. This way everyone can see exactly who is going to which project. Although this had been a feature of the app before, it’s now far more extensive. 

Screenshots from the Quattro app

The execution

We started with a refinement block, so that Quattro Expertise knew exactly what to expect and how much time and money this would cost. Then we got to work. We had agreed to achieve a working result in 3 sprints. At the end, we even had some time left, meaning that we could also use some of these hours in a 4th sprint: the perfect amount of time to refine the app even further. One colleague from Quattro Expertise was involved throughout the project as a consistent ‘test person’. Towards the end of the process, we also tested the app with more people within the company. We had some good feedback from Quattro Expertise, including a suggestion to add a function in the app with abbreviations, something the company uses a lot. Now employees only have to type in the letter 'S', for example, and the app gives commonly-used suggestions, such as ‘scheur’ (= fissure).

The entire process of architectural data collection now goes through the app, which is exactly what we wanted. But I’m especially satisfied because the process was very easy and smooth. The time we saved in previous sprints has been amply given back to us. We've made more progress with the app than I first expected. Innovattic has a very simple, direct way of working. People don’t hide behind agreed processes, but use them to keep things simple and clear.

– Bart Driessen, CTO at Quattro Expertise

The result

Quattro Expertise now has a third-generation recording app which handles the whole process of conducting an architectural recording. Employees see an overview of all projects, and all the information can be found for every project. It’s also clear which colleagues are going to which homes on which dates. Residents receive a notification letter prior to an architectural survey. This letter is also included in the app so that employees can show it at the door, instilling extra confidence in the residents. This can also be seen in the app when residents make an appointment themselves. In fact, the entire working day is now in one app - very handy indeed.

Lauwerens Metz

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