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We design software with gamification to ensure that your building performs optimally.

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Smart Buildings: our vision

In a Smart Building, all technology and all environmental factors are geared towards supporting employees and visitors. It is a building in which inspiration and innovation are stimulated, systems communicate with each other, processes become self-managing and human intervention is less and less necessary. This saves you time, money and energy.

A Smart Building uses different sensors


Sensor CO2


Sensor Sound


Sensor nabijheid en lokalisatie


Sensor licht


Sensor vocht


A Smart Building is linked to all kinds of devices








Mobiele telefoon



And more!

Our software in Smart Buildings

We focus on the development of software which provides insight into the use and performance of your building. For example: comfort, energy efficiency, occupancy rate, plannable maintenance, dynamic cleaning, asset tracking and more. This way you know exactly how you can use your building in a smarter, healthier and more sustainable way.



Asset tracking


Smart Security


Smart cleaning


Property value


Personal comfort



Energy efficiency

Energy consumption


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Consistent insight into performance

With our software, you as a user can, for example, create a comfortable climate or, as a building manager or building owner, have insight into the use and performance of your property. In the handy dashboard you can see everything, from the use and occupancy of rooms, to the energy performance per floor, per building or your whole property portfolio. With this information, you also know how to optimise in order to work more efficiently and achieve your goals. You no longer have to make decisions based on assumptions – you can steer on the basis of data and facts.

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Smart hospitals save healthcare providers a lot of time

Hospitals work with countless medical items that are located all over a building. It’s hard to keep an overview of all of it, with the result that items are often unnecessarily ordered to meet demand. Asset tracking can help reduce these costs and ensure equipment safety: for example, you can identify the specific room where a piece of equipment is located.

Did you know that nursing staff spend an average of 30 minutes a day looking for the right care products? This takes up valuable time, and means that they can’t be actively engaged in providing care to patients. If a medical aid goes missing – yet again – this creates mental pressure for medical staff.


Getting hooked on building management through gamification

We take our Smart Building software to a higher level by using gamification. By applying game elements, we encourage users to participate and actively use our product. Our goal is to develop software that people are happy to use.

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What we made before

To help Deerns engineers deliver Digital Due Diligence, we have developed a supporting web application that brings together the 90 questions from the Smart Building assessment and associated data in one interface. In this way, the assessment can be performed digitally and much faster and the output is also available digitally to the customers.

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Portret van Dennis

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Our Smart Building expert Dennis is happy to speak to you.