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positive realists at Innovattic

Find work that matters. We’re looking for developers who aren’t afraid to dream or do. Join the team and help us make amazing digital solutions, for a better world. 

Experience and knowledge

You are an out of the box thinking programmer that wants to help us amaze the world with your mind-blowing ideas. Challenges inspire you and awaken the best of your abilities. You would love to master our continuous re-thinking process and help set out the course we are steering with Innovattic. 

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Pete playing table tennis

“Innovattic really gave me the community feel that I was looking for. It's a small company where everybody knows each other and gets on really well. There's a family vibe. Our lunches together are a great time to catch up. We really focus on social impact, which is rare in other tech companies. At this moment I am working on a project with social impact from an environmental perspective."

-Pete (Developer)

You are

  • Independent;
  • Flexible;
  • Able to build architecturally sound and maintainable backends;
  • Able to work in a DevOps workflow;
  • Able to give advice about server-side technologies, architectures and deployment strategies;
  • Fluent in English.

You have

  • Strong Kotlin & Spring skills (or experience with similar languages/frameworks, and the ability to pick up Kotlin in a matter of days);
  • Experience with Git;
  • Experience with using Docker;
  • Experience with other (backend) languages, like Typescript (optional).
  • Experience with configuration/building on open-source CMS platforms (optional);
  • Experience with application deployment/maintenance on Amazon Web Services (optional);

You enjoy

  • Working under pressure during hackathons (we already won quite a few big ones like Hacking Health in 2016 and 2017);
  • Programming, obviously;
  • Working in a team.

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Luke tells about his work as developer at Innovattic

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What do you get out of it?

At Innovattic we like to share knowledge, successes, and strategy with each other. We are really curious about how your thoughts, skills, and mindset can help make people’s lives better. 


Core values ​​that make us special:

  • Expertise you can build on.
  • The guts to change your world.
  • Energy we want to share.
  • Honesty about everything.
  • Impact we make together.


In order to do that we provide you with a work environment and culture that is flexible towards arranging working hours and pleasant to mingle in. Team outings, table football (foosball), a team holiday, foodnights, power naps and nice lunches amongst other things are a part of that fun package. Our office is conveniently located in Delft. The office can be easily reached by pretty much all means of transportation and we have a beautiful garden (proven to be an outstanding meet-up spot for BBQ’s and drinks!).

What your days will look like

You might be wondering what life as a backend developer at Innovattic looks like. Below you’ll find an excerpt of your future calendar, filled with challenging work, exciting demo’s and a lot of fun and “gezellige” meetings! 

Enough about us, it's your turn!

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