Dutch TV network RTL follows up on the e-health community

E-health knowledge institute NIPED and Dutch TV network RTL 4 promote a healthier lifestyle

Do you have a real grasp on how healthy your body really is? The average Dutch person barely does any preventive testing, mainly because it is a lot of hassle and quite expensive. This is why NIPED (a Dutch knowledge institute) developed the e-health tool ‘The Personal Health Check’ (De Persoonlijke Gezondheidscheck). E-health provider Niped asked Innovattic to develop an app for this practical digital solution. The topic of e-health is hot and happening in the Netherlands right now. Dutch tv channel RTL4 is currently airing a program called the RTL Health Check (RTL Gezondheidstest), which is supported by NIPED’s Personal Health Check. This tv programme shows people there is a low threshold way to start living a healthier life. Do you really want to know how healthy you are? Then go and check out Niped’s Personal Health check.

Promoting a healthier lifestyle

Secretly we all know that we could live a healthier life. However, when there are no direct complaints or symptoms we often think that things will work out in the end. Is this the right way to go though? The Personal Health Check developed by NIPED is an excellent example of a self-care product. And now during the RTL Health Check tv show it is available for free.

It has all of the ingredients that you expect from an e-health solution. The check itself can be easily done through the website or the mobile app. The results give people an inside view on their personal situation. This way it can motivate them intrinsically to better their health. This then makes sure that people are working preventively which minimizes the chances of health problems later in life.

According to the website www.persoonlijkegezondheidscheck.nl 62% of the participants actively change their daily patterns; 67% is more physically active and 42% reports less mental health issues. These are great results that started with people becoming more aware of their health due to the Personal Health Check.

What do you measure with this Health Check?

The Personal Health Check is mainly targeted at giving insights and advice to people. With detailed questionnaires and the possibility to order medical home test, participants are checked for numerous health risks like heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, COPD, and lifestyle. The latter is measured by factors such as smoking, exercise, diet, and stress. In the personal health report that participants receive there are the full results of the check and accompanying advice on how to improve aspects about one’s life. Advices can range from being more active and changes in diet to seeking out professional help.

The RTL Health Check

From the 8th of February, Dutch TV network RTL 4 will air the RTL Health Check weekly on Thursdays. In the show Dutch celebrities will be tested about their knowledge of healthy lifestyles. The panel will include Arie Boomsma, Marieke Elsinga, and Fred van Leer. Viewers will be challenged to participate through the RTL app.

“Viewers will be able to check themselves through their own Personal Health Check. This will give them more insights into their general health and will provide advice to change their lifestyle.” according to Govert Ho, CEO NIPED in an article in ICT & Health.
Tag along, you deserve a healthy lifestyle!
During the RTL campagne you can participate in the Personal Health Check for free. This can be done through the online website or the mobile app. The mobile app has been made by Innovattic and was commissioned by NIPED.

You can do something about your lifestyle now in an easy way. Download the Personal Health in the Appstores!