Teamtalk: “a project manager has to be good at juggling things”

At Innovattic we like socially aware people with a dash of stubbornness and a healthy dose of confidence. Danny is your go-to guy when discussing matters like mobile, internet of things, and project management. That is why when he applied to his future function, he wrote the following in his application letter “I think that we are a good match, let’s grab a coffee together.”, great coffee is also something we love. The meeting was a great success and Danny has been our trusted project manager for some months now, in this capacity he forms an important link between our team and our clients. Danny translates all communication back to one same frequency and harmony of all involved parties; a crucial role.

Juggling the right ingredients

In his role as project manager Danny usually holds up several different balls at the same time, and makes sure they are passed over at the right time. There are multiple projects ongoing at any given time, that all have very different activities. Among these are for instance: communication with clients, the build-up of teams, the planning of work, bringing in new and interesting projects, and reevaluate processes. “I think it is important to involve our clients on content. Therefore I organize sessions with them often.”, according to Danny.

Due to the close collaboration between clients and colleagues there are several important skills that Danny needs to apply to his daily work. First and foremost good social skills are of vital importance. However, next to this skill, patience, ambition, and result oriented work play a big role in establishing a well functioning team.

In a small team you have to take each other into account. Often it is quiet in the office, everybody is focused on their own project. But sometimes noise is a welcome distraction. Brainstorming together and having fun. I have to admit that I’m in my element when it is noisy and people are busy discussing various things around me.

The Social Factor

What is most important for Innovattic’s team dynamics is the guiding tone of our company culture. That is why we have a varied social mix at the office. Cooking together, trying out each other’s homemade lunch dishes, watching movies, playing some foosball, and trying out different coffees.

If you’re ever in Spain you have to try out a cortado. This is very tasty coffee, a variation on an espresso. The Spanish really enjoy it when you order something like this, because it shows that you know what you’re talking about as a tourist”, this is what Danny told us about his love for cooking.

At Innovattic we strive to be an addition to our culture on a social level, for instance in the healthcare sector. Here is where our knowledge lies, and where we can make a real difference. “Working on a commercially targeted product is fun. However, when you develop something that is of actual use to patients in a hospital, you really get joy out of your daily work.

Danny’s bucket list

On his to do list there are still a few items left; for instance learning how to build apps himself. According to Danny this skill would contribute to his work as a project manager at Innovattic. Right now he understand all of the techniques well enough to translate them into easy wording to our clients. But he would like to dive into this topic more.

Building an app yourself is a different story. In order to understand this you have to get what every line of code mean, the different levels, and logic behind them.” – Danny van Gelder.

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About Danny van Gelder

Danny likes to cook and loves good coffee. In his daily life he love to take care of his dogs. Danny’s background is in marketing, in this fashion he has worked for several internet agencies. In his function as project manager Danny likes to combine his commercial capacities and talents as a connector of people.