In de innovatie aanval op #DHH17

In de innovatie aanval op #DHH17

Whatever appens, it’s about experiences that matter. And that does not only apply to commercial businesses. Healthcare is facing huge challenges redefining the patient journey. The ageing population, the development of new preventive treatments and financial aspects getting out of hand are important innovation drivers here. These require a whole new way of working: a digital way. At Innovattic we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality of lives. That’s why we attend the Dutch Hacking Health 2017 event at LUMC in Leiden. Last year we celebrated victory. Are we on the threshold of great events again?

Improve quality of lives

Health is currently one of the most important areas in which we can achieve great results for our society. That journey is mainly about how people experience things and how we can create awareness as well as a conscious approach in relation to those concerns. Innovation in healthcare is crucial. It should be better, it could be, using technology.

Dutch Hacking Health concept 2016

Last year we developed the winning concept: Participatient (Bedpartner). Back then the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) was looking for a way to help improve communication between their patients and staff. This app anticipates a patient’s need, in this case specifically in relation to catheters. It provides patients with scientifically validated information and gives them a channel for direct communication with their doctor. Currently it already is part of patient research in practice.

This year we are raising the bar by participating with two teams. We are bursting to get going. Watch the video of Innovattic founder Lauwerens Metz!