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Toogethr launches new app for unique sharing concept

Toogethr events starts ridesharing pilot at North Sea Jazz Festival 2017

Approximately 837 festivals are organised in the Netherlands annually, mobilising a total of over 23 million festival-goers. Most of them heading towards the events by car. Driving in their car alone. Ridesharing facilitator Toogethr devised that there is a more efficient and fun way to do this. So we were asked to join forces again; this time for a ridesharing app especially for events.

Last year we developed the carpool app for commuter traffic, commissioned by Toogethr. And what is successful among commuters, could also be a hit among festival visitors. In fact, they even wanted to take this one step further when it comes to experience. The Toogethr Events app brings people together, prevents parking stress and boosts the festival experience with super practical privileges and fun incentives. This app is now available in the app stores for North Sea Jazz 2017.

Toogethr Events, ready to boost your festival experience!

Social concept: environment and people come together

Together with planning & mobility specialist Calendar42 and design agency Gusmanson, we worked on the practical creation of this unique event experience. This resulted in ridesharing app 'Toogethr Events'. This app takes away the hassle of carpooling; in the touch of a button event-goers get a match with other like-minded people.

In addition to the fact that the festival fun already starts in the car, the app is at the same time dealing with environmental and congestion issues. Did you know that the average carbon emission per car is around 106 grams per kilometer? And that multiplied with all those festival-goers! Luckily, even issues like these are solvable with an app.

North Sea Jazz provides a platform for pilot ridesharing app

The purpose of the concept is to get the most out of events for visitors. That is exacty what this new ridesharing app is focussed on. For North Sea Jazz 2017 it means visitors will get premium Q-Park Parking and exclusive extras. Find out more at the Toogethr Events website or read the Dutch article ' Samenrijden, een belevenis van jewelste’.

Are you going to North Sea Jazz festival 2017? Go Toogethr!

Jul 3, 2017

TabooBreakers: let’s talk about sex, baby

Healthcare is evolving every day. New treatments, preventive healthcare and better diagnoses enable us to live longer. Although that’s mostly a good thing, it also means more and more people are forced to deal with chronic diseases and adverse consequences of treatment. Sometimes as temporary side effects, sometimes as irreversible damage. One of those major side effects is very much taboo: sex. How can you shift sexual problems a bit more into people’s comfort zone?

In May we joined Dutch Hacking Health Leiden with seven of our colleagues. At the event we aimed to address as many high-impact issues as possible. We ended up participating in three teams; one of the teams was Taboobreakers.

This team aimed to lower the thresholds of discussing sex related topics for patients. Urologists Dr. Henk Elzevier and Dr. Gaby Van Ek and urology resident Leonore Albers from LUMC presented this controversial topic at the hackathon. They were looking for designers and developers who could join them in their effort to release patients from this additional burden of medical treatments.

As an example, let’s focus on oncology. Every year 15 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer. These people have to face heavy treatments associated with long-term side effects. Interviews conducted with patients of the LUMC revealed that over 50% of all cancer patients are experiencing sexual problems due to the treatment. This is affecting not only their self-confidence, but also putting a heavy strain on their relationships. The impact of all the stress this causes affects their wellbeing, as well as their ability to cope with the disease.

Designer Steven van der Laan and developers Erik Hoogendoorn and Bob de Vos decided to help the ambitious health professionals. Sexuality issues are for many people hard to talk about, whether it’s with their doctor or with their partner. Communicating via digital platforms often makes it easier for people to discuss difficult subjects.

So, the team members of TabooBreakers joined forces for a whole weekend and came up with a great solution: the self-management app ‘Talkit’. With this digital solution patients (and their partners) can address the sexual matters that have a disruptive impact on their lives without being directly confronted face-to-face.

Find out what ‘Talkit’ can do for these patients, watch the video!

Jun 23, 2017

Winner Dutch Hacking Health Leiden 2017!

A lot of children that suffer from a chronic disease have to face many fears during treatment. How could we make the hospital and the treatment room a more trusted environment for them? Nicole Donkel and Veronique van Noort of LUMC presented this topic and asked professionals to help out in developing a child friendly treatment table. Our colleagues Pete Bounford and Camiel Steenstra joined them in this journey. Together they came up with a great solution!

Going through treatment is never fun, for anybody. But what if your name is Casper and you are an eight year old boy with haemophilia, who needs to go to the hospital three times a week? You can imagine that must be very scary at that age. Anxiety amongst sick children causes huge problems, not only for the children, but also for their parents and the hospital staff. Decreasing this would improve many things, like patient recovery, trauma care, therapy retention and procedures that need to be performed by staff. Therefore ‘Hospital Hero’ was developed during Hacking Health Leiden. Pete will tell you all about it!

From the 19th till 22th of May we joined Dutch Hacking Health 2017. With eight of our colleagues we participated in three projects:

  • • Hospital Hero i.c.w. LUMC: concept for child friendly treatment facility.
  • • TabooBreakers: concept to deal with sexuality issues caused by illness.
  • • Happy Heroes i.c.w. Fabrique: concept to help families with overweight and obese children.

We are proud of all three end results. Being part of the winning team of Hacking Health Leiden was of course our icing on the cake!

Congratulations to the team of ‘Hospital Hero’, that won this hackaton as best innovation. Great achievement!

May 24, 2017

Enabling innovation at Dutch Hacking Health 2017 [Video]

Innovattic founder Desmond van der Meer talks about the projects we participated in during Dutch Hacking Health 2017. A yearly healthcare event that is initiated by LUMC.

Several colleagues with different backgrounds and skills, like design, development and marketing communication, took part in our exciting hackathon journey in Leiden.

Check out the video (Dutch) to find out what projects we covered!

May 24, 2017

On an innovation spree at #DHH17

Whatever appens, it’s about experiences that matter. And that does not only apply to commercial businesses. Healthcare is facing huge challenges redefining the patient journey. The ageing population, the development of new preventive treatments and financial aspects getting out of hand are important innovation drivers here. These require a whole new way of working: a digital way. At Innovattic we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality of lives. That’s why we attend the Dutch Hacking Health 2017 event at LUMC in Leiden. Last year we celebrated victory. Are we on the threshold of great events again?

Improve quality of lives

Health is currently one of the most important areas in which we can achieve great results for our society. That journey is mainly about how people experience things and how we can create awareness as well as a conscious approach in relation to those concerns. Innovation in healthcare is crucial. It should be better, it could be, using technology.

Dutch Hacking Health concept 2016

Last year we developed the winning concept: Participatient (Bedpartner). Back then the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) was looking for a way to help improve communication between their patients and staff. This app anticipates a patient’s need, in this case specifically in relation to catheters. It provides patients with scientifically validated information and gives them a channel for direct communication with their doctor. Currently it already is part of patient research in practice.

This year we are raising the bar by participating with two teams. We are bursting to get going. Watch the video of Innovattic founder Lauwerens Metz!

May 19, 2017

Meet Pete. How he ended up at Innovattic

Originally Pete is from Mansfield, an ex-mining town in the middle of England. After studying physics and French in Manchester and Paris he started working as a treasury management software developer in London. How does a physics student get head over heels with software development? That was what we were wondering about as well…

Through Pete’s final project at university in climatology, he became more familiar with computer science. The experiments and tests forced him to include computational elements for verification purposes. Along the way he found he became more passionate about the technical part, so he decided to decline his admission for a PhD study in physics and jumped into the world of tech and coding.

In a conversation with a recruitment agent Pete’s characteristics and skills came up. Besides French, his (back then) rather limited experience with computer science and ambition to work abroad, Pete likes to interact with people. And there it was, the match with software development. Pete still doesn’t understand how that match came up. We do. Smart lady that recruiter. ;-)

So, eventually Pete started his tech career in London. In his search for a new job in the Netherlands Pete stumbled upon our job listing for iOS developers on Stack Overflow. His attention was actually drawn by a minor irregularity: a job advertisement in Dutch that stated that only English was required. Oops! But hey, we got his attention! Pete started to check out our company on LinkedIn and came in contact with one of our founders. Soon thereafter he proved he loves coffee and did a great job at the code test.

Pete told us afterwards he got nervous for the test because at that time he was not specialised in mobile. No problem at Innovattic; just show us what you have got and if you are talented we will train you. And in Pete’s case we even lend him a Mac to do so. Today Pete is an iOS developer and we are very happy that he joined our team!

The answer to the question what Pete likes the most at Innovattic is: creativity. What a coincidence, that’s what we like too! ;-)

May 2, 2017

Creativity beyond tech: cooking café

On a random evening last week, we decided to rent a kitchen at a nice establishment to cook and dine with the team. Foodies could cook, any other bon-vivant could join to try it out. Okay, what does this have to do with technology? How about creativity, teamwork and welcoming newcomers...

Fun at work matters. That’s why we at Innovattic believe that frequently organising some social gathering during and after work hours contributes to our easy-going culture. With some budding chefs working at our company that’s mostly not that hard. This has already manifested itself in the Monday Lunch Club. So we thought, let’s take this a step further.

Experiences count the most. Every successful journey starts with a rousing experience. One that leaves an imprint in your memory. Good food and nice company can do that. With our Italian colleague Gianluca as the chef and our pack leader Lauwerens as his sidekick we were confident we were heading towards a successful, tasty evening. And we were right!

The evening was long, fun and inspiring. One that included some hellos and a fond farewell: We welcome designers Steven en Floortje into our team. We thank designer Gianluca for his unrestrained inspiration and wish him luck with his new challenges.

We’d like to keep you posted on our journeys, subscribe to our newsletter for blog updates. Cheers!

Apr 5, 2017

Royal lunch!

During a lunch meeting at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Innovattic and Participatient spoke with Prince Constantijn about innovations in healthcare. Topics were, amongst many: the Ministry's support to the launch of Participatient, the use of mobile technology in healthcare, and soup.

The team was invited by Eric Gerritsen, Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Health.

Sep 29, 2016
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