Meet Pete. How he ended up at Innovattic

Meet Pete. How he ended up at Innovattic

Deze blogpost is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels.

Originally Pete is from Mansfield, an ex-mining town in the middle of England. After studying physics and French in Manchester and Paris he started working as a treasury management software developer in London. How does a physics student get head over heels with software development? That was what we were wondering about as well…

Through Pete’s final project at university in climatology, he became more familiar with computer science. The experiments and tests forced him to include computational elements for verification purposes. Along the way he found he became more passionate about the technical part, so he decided to decline his admission for a PhD study in physics and jumped into the world of tech and coding.

In a conversation with a recruitment agent Pete’s characteristics and skills came up. Besides French, his (back then) rather limited experience with computer science and ambition to work abroad, Pete likes to interact with people. And there it was, the match with software development. Pete still doesn’t understand how that match came up. We do. Smart lady that recruiter.

So, eventually Pete started his tech career in London. In his search for a new job in the Netherlands Pete stumbled upon our job listing for iOS developers on Stack Overflow. His attention was actually drawn by a minor irregularity: a job advertisement in Dutch that stated that only English was required. Oops! But hey, we got his attention! Pete started to check out our company on LinkedIn and came in contact with one of our founders. Soon thereafter he proved he loves coffee and did a great job at the code test.

Pete told us afterwards he got nervous for the test because at that time he was not specialised in mobile. No problem at Innovattic; just show us what you have got and if you are talented we will train you. And in Pete’s case we even lend him a Mac to do so. Today Pete is an iOS developer and we are very happy that he joined our team!

The answer to the question what Pete likes the most at Innovattic is: creativity. What a coincidence, that’s what we like too!