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Toogethr launches new app for unique sharing concept

Toogethr events starts ridesharing pilot at North Sea Jazz Festival 2017

Approximately 837 festivals are organised in the Netherlands annually, mobilising a total of over 23 million festival-goers. Most of them heading towards the events by car. Driving in their car alone. Ridesharing facilitator Toogethr devised that there is a more efficient and fun way to do this. So we were asked to join forces again; this time for a ridesharing app especially for events.

Last year we developed the carpool app for commuter traffic, commissioned by Toogethr. And what is successful among commuters, could also be a hit among festival visitors. In fact, they even wanted to take this one step further when it comes to experience. The Toogethr Events app brings people together, prevents parking stress and boosts the festival experience with super practical privileges and fun incentives. This app is now available in the app stores for North Sea Jazz 2017.

Toogethr Events, ready to boost your festival experience!

Social concept: environment and people come together

Together with planning & mobility specialist Calendar42 and design agency Gusmanson, we worked on the practical creation of this unique event experience. This resulted in ridesharing app 'Toogethr Events'. This app takes away the hassle of carpooling; in the touch of a button event-goers get a match with other like-minded people.

In addition to the fact that the festival fun already starts in the car, the app is at the same time dealing with environmental and congestion issues. Did you know that the average carbon emission per car is around 106 grams per kilometer? And that multiplied with all those festival-goers! Luckily, even issues like these are solvable with an app.

North Sea Jazz provides a platform for pilot ridesharing app

The purpose of the concept is to get the most out of events for visitors. That is exacty what this new ridesharing app is focussed on. For North Sea Jazz 2017 it means visitors will get premium Q-Park Parking and exclusive extras. Find out more at the Toogethr Events website or read the Dutch article ' Samenrijden, een belevenis van jewelste’.

Are you going to North Sea Jazz festival 2017? Go Toogethr!

Jul 3, 2017
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