Not all apps are created equal.

iOS gets a fresh NPO app!

Our work for Dutch national broadcaster NPO is a successful long term collaboration, and we're continuously improving and updating the popular NPO app. Now we have released a version of the app for iOS!

Check out what the NPO had to say about it, and let us know when you'd like to start working with us.

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App de Dokter is released for iOS and Android

We recently released App de Dokter, an app to take care of all kinds of health related issues. No need to call your mom anymore, you can just send a text or even a picture to a medical professional that will help you take care of the problem!

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Innovattic ❤ talent

Meet Vincent, Adriaan, Matthew, Niels, Erik, Hekon and Teddy! They've joined the team at Innovattic and are currently involved in all sorts of appmaking. We're always looking for talented designers and developers, so please get in touch!

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We're appmakers

We design and develop apps for iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android. We're programmers, designers, brainstormers and foosballplayers.

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Doing great things

We turn great ideas into great apps. We'll help you develop an idea into a business, from brainstorm to release in the Appstore.

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Work with us

Get in touch and let's make great apps together. Check out some of the apps we've made and drop us a line. We can make this happen, is all we're saying.

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