We make smart eHealth applications for hospitals, healthcare providers and patients. By focusing on user research, optimal UX and gamification, we make sure that our applications and websites are working hard for their users.

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With eHealth our customers contribute to:


Reducing infectious disease


Making fewer unnecessary hospital visits


Being able to live at home for longer


Shorter admission times

Reducing loneliness


Increasing activity

Creating solutions alongside caregivers and patients

Healthcare providers are our customers in eHealth applications, and patients are our end users. We always test the innovative applications, websites and games that we develop for healthcare providers with the patients themselves. As our customer you’re always aware of the process, because our process is transparent. We regularly create space for feedback, so that bit-by-bit we can create the best solution: one which really benefits the end users. Gamification techniques are used within many of our applications, so it’s always fun and interesting to keep using the app.

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Take control with our dashboards

Together with healthcare providers, we design clear dashboards in which efficiency and functionality are central. As a result, the dashboard does exactly what you, as a healthcare provider, want it to do. These dashboards are often linked to an application we have developed for the patients, which makes finding patients’ information easy and secure.

What we made before

LUMC care app

LUMC Care App


We developed the LUMC Care app. This app offers heart patients more independence, collects data and helps cardiologists keep an eye on things.

More about the LUMC Care app

PEERS training app


Thanks to the PEERS training app, young people with autism can expand their social environment. It allows them to adapt more easily and make friends.

More about the PEERS training app
Peers training app
Huidmonitor app

Huidmonitor app


With the Huidmonitor app, users can take pictures of moles on their skin and check whether they have changed over time or if they are starting to look cancerous.

More about the Huidmonitor app

Four steps to success:

discuss ideas

Together, we define the problem and plan the best digital solution. We advise on the business case and how the target group can best be reached.

We test our designs with the end users and together we develop the best product.

Test product
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The data is collected simply, safely and effectively, and displayed clearly in dashboards.

We continue to monitor and optimise the user experience.

Lauwerens owner Innovattic

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Our eHealth expert Lauwerens is always happy to help.

Lauwerens owner Innovattic

Get in touch

Our eHealth expert Lauwerens is always happy to help.