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Gamification: the application of game techniques and game elements in a non-game environment, with the aim of changing behaviour through play. As gamification experts, we know better than anyone how to apply gamification in software. We develop serious games that make software fun to use. Creative game design, innovative techniques and lots of expertise come together with the result that your software is used and, more importantly, continues to be used.

Gamification in healthcare

Promoting good health habits for patients is sometimes a challenging task. Fortunately, applying gamification in software makes this a lot easier and much more fun. For example, we can motivate patients to exercise more by letting them set their own goals and showing them their performance and progress, and we can help patients to take (sometimes complicated) at-home measurements by guiding them through the process, step-by-step. We also make participating in research more fun by, for example, using levels, points and rewards that patients can earn. We always test our designs together with healthcare workers and patients. This way we know for sure that the digital solution suits its users’ needs.

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Serious game to help spot signs of cancer

A serious game is a game with a purpose other than just entertainment. We can use them to learn, or even to promote behavioural change. Together with Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, we have been able to develop an app that allows pathologists to recognize cancer more quickly in people. In the app, users can play a serious game in which they see an image of human tissue. Their task is to indicate where they see tumour cells. This input from players trains an Artificial Intelligence, which pathologists can ultimately use to make faster and better diagnoses.

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