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Every year, more than 70,000 people in the Netherlands are diagnosed with skin cancer. For 10% of cases, this is a melanoma, which is the most aggressive form of skin cancer and can quickly spread to other sites in the body. The earlier a melanoma is detected, the greater the chance of effective treatment. Commissioned by the Melanoma Foundation, we developed the Huidmonitor app. With this app, people can take pictures of moles on their skin, track any changes and spot potentially cancerous ones.

The challenge

The Melanoma Foundation already had a Huidmonitor app, which had even won an award a few years ago. This app was just a little out-of-date. Users weren’t satisfied with the ease of use and were unable to monitor their moles properly. Here’s where we came in.


The solution

We developed a new Huidmonitor app. Users can take a picture of any marks and moles on their skin, and then compare them with photos from the database of harmless and suspicious moles. In addition, users can indicate how often they want to receive a reminder from the app to monitor their moles. Users can name photos and describe the location, e.g. "birthmark on left thigh". When more photos are taken of the spot later, they can be saved in the same place. This way, users can easily see whether moles have changed over time. When in doubt, the user can go to their doctor or dermatologist to have the moles checked.

The execution

The Melanoma Foundation was looking for a great developer to carry out this assignment. Our professional collaboration with Koen van Elst, project initiator with the foundation, went very well. We recommended a native app: an app that people download on their smartphone via an app store. This was a higher investment, but enables users to save photos, which is one of the most important functions in the app. We monitor how the app is used on a weekly basis, and the stats look as we expected: people use the app regularly.

‘The collaboration with Innovattic can be characterised as contemporary, knowledgeable, but above all, very flexible. It was very nice to be able to create something beautiful with the team.’

– Koen van Elst, project initiator

The result

Anyone can download the Huidmonitor app from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. It’s been made available for free by the Melanoma Foundation and is ad-free. Using this app, people can get to know their own skin well, and track any changes. This means that, hopefully, they will see in time when they need to have the spot checked by a doctor or dermatologist.


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Huidmonitor app

Lauwerens Metz

Would you like to know more about the Huidmonitor App?

Please contact Lauwerens. He can tell you all about Innovattic's expertise in creating digital projects with great social impact, such as the Huidmonitor App.


06 10 70 27 11

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