Lauwerens: Who are Innovattic?

Innovattic began with the idea of making products that really benefit humanity. I founded Innovattic together with a fellow student, and we were originally based in an attic. That’s why 'attic' is also in the name: making innovative things - in the attic - which are good for society. We select people on that basis, and it’s also reflected in the projects we do.


The customer is our hero

The customer is our hero, and we're just the sidekick. That means we provide tools to our customers which allow them to do amazing things. We mainly make digital products: apps, websites and serious games. What we use a lot is gamification, which are game techniques to entice the user to use the application longer. I personally think that's the way to bind people to us.


Compete for screen time

We do projects for the police, the Consumers' Association, the Heart Foundation and hospitals. These are parties that want the best for humanity, and we would like to support that. In the case of the Heart Foundation, we have created a serious game to teach children how to resuscitate. If you don't do that right, kids will quickly drop out. You have to compete with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and those kinds of applications: it's competing for screen time, so you have to come up with something fun.


Growing Innovattic

We work with people from all over the world. It is precisely this mix of different cultures that gives us an interesting and very fun atmosphere within this company. For example, pre-corona we organized an open food night every month with a theme from a specific country. Employees, partners, customers: everyone was welcome. Those were always really fun evenings. My dream is to grow Innovattic into a company that can handle ever-increasing issues. We are now only 28 people. One day soon we might be 1000 - then there will be 1000 people working on positive things!

Are you also working on something that makes the world a better place?

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