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Hayfind app

Monitoring target groups for scientific research.

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In scientific studies, it’s often a huge challenge to collect good-quality data that helps scientists in their research. That's why we developed Hayfind. With this smart digital system, scientists can monitor specific target groups securely, and collect passive and active data from a large target group.

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Faster research and accurate data

People don’t tend to enjoy filling out long questionnaires, and collecting data in this way is prone to error. As a result, research often takes longer than hoped and scientists spend a long time processing the data. That’s why we developed Hayfind, a system which collects big data in a playful way, and which allows scientists to analyse that data quickly and easily.

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Serious games for data collection

We have been able to develop Hayfind apps for various clients that are completely unique in their appearance, how they are used and what they measure. By using gamification techniques, we motivate users to provide active and passive data, which allows scientists to monitor specific target groups. The data goes directly from the user’s mobile phone into the Hayfind database, error-free and immediately available for analysis. We ensure that the data remains secure and that only the right people have access.

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Hayfind for Generation R

Hayfind was developed for Generation R in collaboration with professors and researchers from Erasmus UMC. The organisation conducts research into the development of growing children from early pregnancy. The app was designed specifically for the adolescent target group: a target audience who grew up with smartphones, and who have all kinds of other apps on their phones competing for their attention. How were Generation R going to get this target group’s attention with questionnaires? Thankfully, the collaboration went very well, resulting in an app in which participants are actually motivated to complete the questionnaires.

Hayfind for ABCD Study and Safety NL

ABCD Study (in Amsterdam) also conducts research into the development of growing children from early pregnancy. With our Hayfind app, the target group can provide answers in a playful way, earn points and unlock new levels. The apps can also collect passive data: for example, SafetyNL conducts research into hearing damage based on how loud the volume is on the telephone.


Refinement block

The refinement block process helps you to establish how much support your project might need. Before we start a full collaboration with you as a client, we first define the problem and think about the best digital solution. We advise you on the business case and how the target group can best be reached. Clear and easy!



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