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Medicoo app

24 November 2022

Productowner Jasper van Bladel talks about Medicoo

The pressure on GP care is ever-increasing. Underlying factors are the ageing population and the shortage of healthcare personnel. The company Medicinfo has been responding to this for years with so-called 'hybrid care': digital solutions that support regular care with remote care. The Medicoo app is one such solution, offering patients an easy and accessible tool for digital GP care. Jasper van Bladel, Product Manager at Medicinfo talks about the app and the collaboration with Innovattic.

Jasper: "At Medicinfo, we are always working on innovations for future-proof and personalised healthcare. Over the past two years, hybrid care has taken off with us in this. This involves care in the first line, supporting GP practices - and posts. Hybrid care means that medical questions are handled digitally wherever possible and, if necessary, a physical visit to the GP is advised."

The Medicoo app

"Medicoo is an app we developed together with Innovattic and basically serves as an online GP for anyone who has a medical question," says Jasper. "We work with an extensive team of nurses, GPs and medical specialists. Through a live chat in the app and the option to have an online consultation, patients get in touch with us quickly and easily. We recently digitalised the first part of the triage process, where users in the app first answer some automated questions tailored to the complaint. This gives us instant insight into the medical question and so we can get users on their way very quickly."

Lower pressure on GP care

With Medicoo, most of all incoming care requests can be answered digitally by a team of nurses and GPs. This reduces the pressure on GPs. Jasper: "If it turns out the question needs more attention, users can also schedule an video consultation with a GP. If it turns out that a physical consultation is necessary, the patient will be referred to their own GP or to one of the cooperating GP practices."

Medicoo also offers a solution when it comes to peak care loads. During the summer, for example, the pressure on GPs in provinces such as Zeeland increases due to the huge influx of tourists. "Thanks to Medicoo, a large proportion of medical cases are taken care of. Thus, many tourists do not have to come to the practice and that saves GPs a lot of extra workload," Jasper explains.

Three screenshots showing the Medicoo app

"We have had many different apps developed, Medicoo being one of them. We as Medicinfo know what patients need, but we don't always have the technical know-how to develop apps efficiently. Innovattic does! So they helped us convert our existing apps to a new platform that is truly future-proof. This all had to be done very quickly and Innovattic was the best party for us in this. It was a real pressure cooker and at times a lot of steam came out of it, but from day one Innovattic fired up and together we developed a future-proof, digital platform. We are extremely proud of this achievement! Innovattic also developed certain functionalities, such as digital triage in Medicoo. You sense in everything that Innovattic understands business. Despite having a fairly small team, they think big. Innovattic's project members are closely involved and think about the best solutions. Thanks to them, we now have a digital platform that is ready for the future."

Jasper van Bladel, Productowner Medicoo

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