Digital Due Diligence

Making buildings smarter, more sustainable and more valuable.

Deerns wants to make buildings smarter, more sustainable and more valuable with Digital Due Diligence. Our task was to build a web application for them which displays all input and data in a user-friendly way.


The challenge

Deerns is an independent engineering firm specialising in technical advice and engineering. Property owners need smart buildings to keep up with the changing demands of users. Deerns employees performed an assessment of these buildings, but this was still very old-fashioned, with separate documents and difficult formulas in Excel. Conducting an assessment was therefore quite time-consuming. Here’s where we came in.

The solution

To help Deerns engineers deliver Digital Due Diligence, we developed a supporting web application which brings together the 90 questions from the assessment and associated data in one interface. We worked hard on the backend logic to make the process run smoothly at the frontend for the user. This means that the assessment can be performed digitally, that it’s much faster, and that the output is also available to the customers in a digital format.

The execution

The collaboration with Deerns went well. Sipan, the product owner for the web application from Deerns, had a clear idea of ​​what he wanted from us. He knew the business, challenges, and tools they used. We thought together about how to make the design user-friendly, how it would flow, and how to set up the backend. In a relatively short lead time, we created an initial beta version that we tested with the help of Deerns employees and customers. Based on the feedback we received, we created a new, improved version.

The collaboration was very pleasant. Innovattic employs people who know exactly what they are doing and who can work quickly. Partly due to the scrum process, collaboration is also very transparent. We always saw how far along the process was, what they were working on and what still had to be done. The product that Innovattic has delivered is very user-friendly and our engineers and customers are very happy with it.

Sipan Salim, Deerns

The result

Deerns employees can complete the assessment a lot faster with the help of the web application. Digital Due Diligence creates a digital overall picture of what building owners want, based on six themes:

  • Heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Energy and environment
  • Monitoring and control
  • Connectivity
  • Data and user experience

This is an ideal starting point for property owners to look at how they can make their buildings smarter, more sustainable and more valuable.

Would you like to know more about Digital Due Diligence?


Contact Dennis. He can tell you all about Innovattic's expertise in creating digital projects with great social impact, such as Digital Due Diligence.


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