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LUMC Care app

Monitor patient health remotely with an app

LUMC’s task: make patients’ lives easier and save time for both the patient and the doctor. Our solution: the LUMC Care app, developed jointly with LUMC. The app offers heart patients more independence, collects data and helps cardiologists keep an eye on things.

Three screenshots showing the LUMC Care app

Data = knowledge

Patients with heart problems and other risk groups, such as diabetic patients or pregnant women, are monitored by their doctors. They have to go to the hospital regularly to have their blood pressure measured, among other things. These results are then entered into the patient's file, manually, by the doctor. This takes quite a lot of time, for both the patient and the doctor. The LUMC Care app allows patients to take readings themselves, and doctors no longer have to enter this manually.

User-friendly design

Along with the app, patients receive a box of digital meters to take home, including a smart blood pressure monitor, thermometer, saturation meter and a scale. They can then log their measurements themselves using their phone. A user-friendly design guides the users effortlessly through the steps, and the data is entered immediately and securely in the Electronic Patient File.

Middle Eastern developer writing code on a laptop, next to him are a mobile phone and blood pressure monitor

The LUMC Care app, in combination with the digital meters, makes me feel much more secure. Now I know exactly how my health is doing.

Heart patient at LUMC

An accessible app

For the development of the app, we worked together with the national centre of expertise Pharos, whose mission is to reduce health inequalities in the Netherlands. During the process, we presented ideas and prototypes to potential users: for example, we made the app suitable for patients with different educational levels, cultural backgrounds and health skills.

Collaboration with Innovattic is pleasant, open and easy, with short lines of communication. Innovattic's specialist team listens carefully to our wishes, and has developed an app that is highly appreciated by the end user.

Douwe Atsma, cardiologist at LUMC

More awareness and fewer mistakes

The app gives patients a more active role, more awareness and responsibility for their treatment. They can take their measurements at home, in a familiar environment. For cardiologists, the app is also a godsend: it takes less time, and the data goes directly into the Electronic Patient File. Data no longer has to be entered manually. If the data shows that there are deviations, this is immediately noticed by a digital assistant. This way, patients are helped even better and faster.


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