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Robin Radar web app

Apps to prevent dangerous situations between drones, birds and aeroplanes.

An airplane flying in the sky with a large flock of birds around it.

A collision between a group of birds and an aeroplane is more dangerous than you think. Commissioned by Robin Radar Systems, we developed the Drone Viewer App and the Bird Viewer App. The app supports technology which alerts users to drones and birds, keeps them out of the flying area and thus prevents a collision.

Three screenshots showing the Robin Radar app on tablets

Clear, visible data

When birds and drones come close to airports, this can cause dangerous situations. Robin Radar Systems makes radars to detect drones and large groups of birds. These radars are everywhere, and air traffic controllers at Schiphol use these radars to obtain information about aircraft movements within 10 kilometres of the airport. The Drone Viewer app and Bird Viewer app present that data in a beautiful, user-friendly interface. With these apps, air traffic controllers and bird chasers have the tools they need to monitor the airspace and take action when necessary. Air traffic controllers receive a signal as soon as large groups of birds, such as geese, fly within a radius of 10 km from Schiphol. The bird chasers then immediately get into their cars. These cars have large horns that make a lot of noise to scare away the birds. This prevents a collision with an aircraft and allows the birds to continue flying. This is good news, not only for air traffic controllers but also for the Nature Conservancy.

Working with Innovattic means working with skilled software developers, and at the same time having a lot of fun in the whole development process.

Michiel de Leeuw, Product Manager bij Robin Radar

An optimal result

Robin Radar Systems had already developed a version 1.0 of the app, but this version no longer met the requirements. They needed someone with more experience in developing apps: and that was us! Throughout the process, communication was always transparent and constructive. This meant that the product was better, and the collaboration was too. Together, we found ways to optimise the development process. We started with a version 2.0 of the app — and now there’s already a version 4.0.

Hand of a person tapping a tablet displaying the Robin Radar web app, while sitting in a car

Refinement block

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