We are positive realists

three images with colleagues

Innovattic is a digital agency. The best researchers, designers and developers work here, all coming from a range of backgrounds, cultures and skills which complement each other perfectly. Together, we make Innovattic a diverse and dynamic workplace with lots of freedom and little hierarchy, where everyone can follow their passions.


We work for all kinds of clients, from small start-ups to large organizations. We love working on assignments where the collaboration is just as important as the outcome, and where we can make the world a little better.

Worthwhile work

We are fans of work that’s valuable. By that we don't mean profit, but meaning. We want to make a difference with our work. We like to help our clients turn a modest idea into a digital solution that turns old ideas upside down. We bring the future closer and people together.

What makes Innovattic special

Expertise you can build on

Innovattic doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Whether it’s a complex technical problem, a difficult design issue or a question about secure data, you can rely on our knowledge and experience.

The guts to change your world

Innovattic helps to have a positive impact on the world. This requires smart digital solutions, creative ideas and a healthy amount of guts.

Energy we want to share

The professionals at Innovattic are not optimists, but rather ‘positive realists’. By sharing our positive energy with our clients, we get more done.

Honesty about everything

To work together, you have to be able to tell each other everything. At Innovattic we test our assumptions, we counter where necessary and we tell you honestly if we don't know something yet. No bluffing.

Impact we make together

At Innovattic we choose our clients carefully so that we can be a trusted and committed partner in every project. That delivers the best results – and we don’t settle for less.

Help in Education

Innovattic supports the Sunday Foundation and is therefore proud sponsor of the Maarif School in Sierra Leone