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Winner Dutch Hacking Health Leiden 2017!

A lot of children that suffer from a chronic disease have to face many fears during treatment. How could we make the hospital and the treatment room a more trusted environment for them? Nicole Donkel and Veronique van Noort of LUMC presented this topic and asked professionals to help out in developing a child friendly treatment table. Our colleagues Pete Bounford and Camiel Steenstra joined them in this journey. Together they came up with a great solution!

Going through treatment is never fun, for anybody. But what if your name is Casper and you are an eight year old boy with haemophilia, who needs to go to the hospital three times a week? You can imagine that must be very scary at that age. Anxiety amongst sick children causes huge problems, not only for the children, but also for their parents and the hospital staff. Decreasing this would improve many things, like patient recovery, trauma care, therapy retention and procedures that need to be performed by staff. Therefore ‘Hospital Hero’ was developed during Hacking Health Leiden. Pete will tell you all about it!

From the 19th till 22th of May we joined Dutch Hacking Health 2017. With eight of our colleagues we participated in three projects:

  • • Hospital Hero i.c.w. LUMC: concept for child friendly treatment facility.
  • • TabooBreakers: concept to deal with sexuality issues caused by illness.
  • • Happy Heroes i.c.w. Fabrique: concept to help families with overweight and obese children.

We are proud of all three end results. Being part of the winning team of Hacking Health Leiden was of course our icing on the cake!

Congratulations to the team of ‘Hospital Hero’, that won this hackaton as best innovation. Great achievement!

May 24, 2017
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